Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The First One !!!

Hi !

I got the domain name (alias almost a year back but then procrastination is too lucrative at times and hence I never really did anything useful with the domain. After a long time finally I decided to do something and give the poor domain a cliched Blog front.

But this blog is not about a specific topic or a domain but is an attempt to share with you all an assorted set of informative and interesting posts on topics such as 
  • Java and associated frameworks (hibernate, Spring, JSF, RichFaces, JQuery, etc)
  • Android application development
  • Posts and video shares corresponding to the sport of Table Tennis aka Ping Pong but again not limited just to this sport. It's my personal penchant for Table Tennis and so the focus!
  • Maybe some cooking recipes as I experiment with various edible items
  • General articles relating to debate issues, current affairs, interesting reads, etc
  • Other Technological and scientific advances
  • Travel blog posts
  • Random thoughts and interesting stuff I stumble upon
The posts and articles will range from my personal experience, thoughts, hands-on and shares from other internet sources handpicked  refined and filtered by me. I will try to keep plagiarism to a minimum so that the comments section stays clean O:-)
Comments, advices, appreciations, abuses ( try to obfuscate the curse words though ) are all welcome !

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